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Sunday, March 20, 2011

You know it's love when...

You haven't pumped your own gas in 10+ years.

OK girls, you know I like to do these little posts.  We all know the BIG love signs, and thank God for them, but I like to recognize and celebrate the wee little daily things we do to show we love each other.

My husband, bless him, has been filling my car with gas for seriously probably the last 13 years.  I don't even think I would know what to do at the pump anymore.  The way technology changes, you may need a retina scan or something to get it to come on for all I know :) Just kidding, I'm not that clueless (at least I like to think not).  I think it started in the winter time when we were dating and he nobly offered to get out in the frigid weather to fill it up for me.  What a man I tell you!  Well, he's pretty much been doing it since...saving me from all that cold, rain, snow, sleet, heat, and humidity!

I'm spoiled....I know.

Have any little lovey moments to share?


  1. Aw. :) My husband, when he gets up in the morning...he gets dressed in our living room and gets ready in the hall bathroom instead of our master bath so he doesn't wake me up in the morning.

  2. First off - I am so behind on your posts. Somehow I lost your blog and have missed reading it! :)

    And secondly..how sweet!!! I always try to stop and appreciate the little things as well! :)


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