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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You know it's love when...

You plan a surprise vacation for your kids.

My husband and I just booked a mini vacation to Kalahari, an indoor waterpark in Ohio.  We aren't going to tell the boys about it until we are ready to leave.  Is this a good financial decision right now?  No way, but ever since we saw the Disneyworld commercial where the parents surprise the kids with a trip to Disney, we've been wanting to do something like it.  And since a trip to Disney is totally out of the question for at least a few more years, we thought this would be a great substitute.  We took them to Splash Lagoon in Erie last year and they ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!  My oldest is still talking about how much fun it was.

We are going to take them to their grandmother's in the morning, just like any other day and then pack up the car and go pick them up and surprise them with the news.  I just hope we can keep it a secret until then, it's hard when we are so excited for them :)


  1. That sounds like so much fun! And I love those surprise disney commercials :)

  2. Where did my comment go?? I'm really getting annoyed with blogger! Anyway, I'm so exicted about your surprise trip! Y'all are such good parents! :)


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