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Friday, June 17, 2011

Love will triumph - A tragic tale of domestic violence

Natalie of The Busy Budgeting Mama has been experiencing the tragic loss of her best friend Shannon who was  killed as a result of domestic violence.  She has bravely been sharing all of her emotions and experiences with the blog world and has touched many hearts, just like her friend Shannon.  To Natalie, Shannon is an angel now who is inspiring and encouraging the world to bring light to the issue of domestic violence.  I strongly encourage you to read her stories here.  It will change how you view your own relationships with loved ones and hopefully encourage you to live life with an abundance of passion and faith.

Now for the Love triumphant part....
despite the fact that an act of hate took the life of Shannon Lawrence, her story has caused their local authorities to review how cases of domestic violence are handled.  Shannon's sacrifice will hopefully bring about a change to improve the system and possibly save the lives of others suffering from domestic violence.  Natalie's efforts to bring Shannon's story to as many people as possible are sure to bring about positive changes as well.  She has already experienced an outpouring of love from the blog community and asked that as many people share Shannon's story as possible.  Another way to help love triumph is to help Shannon's sweet innocent children.  Emma just 3 and little Peter, just about 1.  These children are sure to feel the effects of this tragedy the most.  If you would like to help them out, a trust fund has been set up for them and you can easily donate via the link on Natalie's blog (sorry I could not get it to link directly from here)

From Natalie....

I want others to know about Shannon
 and her story.....
-The system failed her...
and I pray that her story makes people aware of the incredible flaws in our system and motivates them to make a change! a change to save lives that would otherwise be lost to domestic violence.
-I write this to make people aware of the victims so close to us..1 in 3 women are affected by Domestic Violence. I pray that more of us would reach out to help..
-I write this that people would join me in praying for peace in our communities, our families, ourselves and our world. 
- I write this for healing..for myself and for all mourning the loss of our beautiful Shannon.
- I write this for strength to forgive...


  1. Thank you for sharing....I am off to read.

  2. Beautiful Krista. I've been following this story as well, and my heart breaks for Shannon's friends and families....and those two precious babies of hers.

  3. Wow. Thanks for sharing, Krista. I got side-tracked and started reading and forgot to finish my comment.

  4. So tragic and heartbreaking. Thank you so much for sharing this story.


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