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Friday, June 24, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

This has been one of those weeks that has had me all over the place emotionally.  And quite frankly in no mood to contemplate any favorites from this week. 
However as usual, once I get started I begin to focus on the blessings and not the frustrations.
The very act of writing this post is putting things all
back in perspective.

So here's some things that have been been sources of joy for me this week...

1. Growing things - everywhere in my yard
Our gnarly "contorted filbert".  It amazes me to see wood grow this way.

My hydrangeas that are beginning to bloom.
Loving this vibrant magenta!

2. This little guy...
even though he is eating half the growing things is my yard!
It still makes me smile to see him.

3. A fabulous dinner that I didn't have to cook

4. Bedtime with my boys
I am so blessed to get to read to them and then snuggle and talk for a bit before they fall asleep.  This is often a time when I get some real insight into their little minds.  I would not trade this time with my boys for anything!

5. My little garden
I really don't know anything about gardening.  Seriously. Nothing.
But luck has seen fit to bless us with some tomato, pepper, and cilantro plants that are thriving.
I can't wait to eat some fresh tomato and mozzerella salad!

6. This pic of me
Yes that's me, wrapped in snuggly wonderfullness.  I sleep with 4 pillows.  Two for my head (often one on top and one on the bottom (like a pillow sandwich as seen here) one for my legs, and one to hug. My husband snapped this lovely pic to show me what I look like.

7. The moment when you let go of anger and open up from the heart 
- yep, that one takes the cake

What are some of your favorites?


  1. love your list! that first picture of the wood is crazy - i didn't know it could grow that way!

  2. Hoping your weekend improves...but you're already on the right track, aren't you? You are so blessed! And those pillows? I know all about that, Girl! Love it :)

  3. I chuckled when I saw that pic of you sleeping. I like a big nest of pillows as well.

    And congrats on the garden! Gardening is kind of addicting -- and therapeutic. :)

    That tree is very cool. We do NOT have trees like that here in Minnesota. Ours grow straight and lose their leaves for half of the year. ;)

    Thanks for linking up! And I hope your weekend takes a turn for the brighter.


  4. Oh that little rabbit is absolutely adorable! And that picture of you sleeping is hilarious. I only sleep with two pillows, but I'd love more :)


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