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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A big decision

All this self examination and simplifying has let me to make a hard decision.  I need to put more effort into my family and less into extraneous stuff....that is clear.  

But what to eliminate?

You may or may not have noticed a distinct lack of posts on Behind the Moon Beadworks.  I had lofty goals for growing the business this year but in recent months my husband was having some issues with his job that required a lot more time from him and so I had to pick up the slack at home.  And then it seems we just ran into a string of regular life "stuff" that has kept me from making much progress.  But even though I was not pushing forward with much, it was definitely on my mind and I was really stressing over it spending a lot of mental energy on it

I can't quit my day job...DANG!...so I have decided to take a little break from the business for a few months and really concentrate on our home life. My Etsy shop will still be up and running so purchases can continue to be made that way.  I just won't be adding any new designs for a few months.

On that note I will leave you with a pic of a new design I created recently 
that will post up to the shop at a later date.  

Thanks to everyone for your support of Behind the Moon Beadworks!

I look forward to debuting some new designs in the fall!


  1. Krista, I am going to be doing the same thing these next few months. Once I made the decision and huge wave of peace and relief came. I hadn't realized that it had become a burden!
    Hopefully we both have the chance to continue designing accessories someday soon!

  2. Ooooh.. that is so pretty! Glad you decided to take a break .. who knows, you might come back with a renewed passion :)

  3. Beautiful necklace. I love the design....you are very talented. I admire you for making the hard decision and figure out what was best for your family. Your business will be there and it will be ready when you are ready.

    Praying for you.


  4. Making that decision has never been easy for me, but it has always turned out to be the right thing to do - for that season. I've taken 2 "seasons" off from painting so far since I started a few years back, and have walked away from two different (good) home businesses altogether. God leads. We listen. And in my experience, it's always been the right thing to do. He blesses obedience. I'm proud of you for being willing to make that hard decision. When it's right again, you'll know. Still praying for you. In fact, you've inspired me to go through (yet another) simplification process...it's really ongoing,isn't it? I'm in the process of eliminating that which "takes away" from LIFE - clutter, excess, extra commitments - whatever that may be. Thanks for being so transparent (and inspiring). How's the foot?

  5. Thanks so much for your encouraging comment! :] Emotional vomit session are so not fun, but they end up being a good thing in the end.
    I'll be praying for you as you make your decision! Best of luck!

  6. Krista, this is a great design! It's not that your stopping, you're just readjusting! I'm sure everything will work out perfectly and just the way it is supposed to :)

  7. I love that new design. If only I wore necklaces..or any jewelry for that matter. I haven't since Kayla was born..

    I think, even though it's a tough decision, it's a good one. That's the great thing about etsy, you can choose how much stuff you wanna make and if you wanna take a break. And it will always be there when you're ready to add more. :)


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