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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You know its love when.....

You give up a massage for your daughter.

My lovely mother did this very thing just the other day. 

If you've ever had a professional massage you know what an absolute act of selflessness it is to give one up ;) My mother is a retired massage therapist and has given me several massages over the years, so when she had to retire from arthritis in her hands, it was a sad day for me. 
I mean who was going to give me random back rubs...ohh the tragedy!

My mama's been under a lot of stress lately caring for my elderly grandfather who lives almost 2 hours away and recently bought a buy-one-get-one-free massage gift certificate for the Body Bar.  She knows I've been having my own physical issues lately due to stress and offered to let me have one of the massages.  I tried to refuse since I know she needs it worse than I do.  In typical mama bear style, she firmly told me "you will take it and take care of yourself!".

Aren't moms the best?

No one knows what you need like your mom.  At 33 years of age, I still like to be "mothered".

I appreciate you Mom!

I need you Mom!

I love you Mom!


  1. That's very sweet of your mother!!! Mom's are definitely the best!

  2. Mom's are the best! I think no matter how old we get we will always need them.

  3. Oh my, Krista! How sweet of her! I just realized I still have a gift certificate from my birthday to get a massage. I need to schedule that!

  4. that is SO sweet of your mom. hope you enjoyed your massage:)


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