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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In a Southern state of mind.....

Come sit a spell :)
I know many of you are lucky enough to live "down south" but around here we experience severe northern exposure.  Along with the colder temps we suffer from an inhospitable attitude.

Oh I'm not saying its like that in the entire north, 
but where I live...um yea it's the norm.

My husband and I lived in a little po-dunk town in North Carolina for 2 brief years.  It was an unbelievable experience for us.  The absolute love and kindness we were shown in our time there was so enlightening to the way life could be.  When we moved back here we swore we did not want to lose that southern state of mind.  I think we kept it for a bit but looking back now I see we have let it go.  

I think it's time to resurrect some good 'ol southern hospitality!

: :
Like saying hello.  
I mean its commonplace here to walk past someone and not look at them or say anything.  Come on!  We don't even acknowledge people's existence!  How sad is that?  I'm gonna work on saying "hi" to everyone I pass by.  I may even really freak them out and remark on the day or ask how they are.  
That'll throw 'em for a loop!

: :
And opening the door for people.  
Oh we do this sometimes but not NEARLY often enough.

: :
Offering your seat to someone else.

: :
Stopping to help when we see someone struggling and not worrying if its going to make you late.  
That's a big one I'm guilty of :[

: :
Saying "Sir" and Ma'am".  
We always said we wanted our kids to show respect in this way but we have stopped doing it ourselves a lot of times.  One thing we have held on to well is saying "Mister" or "Miss" before someone's first name and our boys have caught on to it.  I just love the way it sounds...."Miss Diane, may I have some juice please?"  Perfectly polite little boys :)

Here's to sweet tea sippin', 
sweet talkin' southerners 
(and northerners in that 
sounthern state of mind)

We love y'all!


  1. Haha oh Southern Charm. ;]
    It's funny--I lived in the Deep South for almost four years, and now it almost makes me queasy thinking about it. Maybe it was just Mississippi lol. I do love the Carolinas--absolutely one of if not the most beautiful area on the East Coast.
    The South does have it's lovely points: people are so hospitable, friendly and polite. Plus the cooking is great! I love taking those pieces of it with me, even if I never did develop a love for sweet tea ;]

  2. Love this post!!! And I do love livin in the South!! If y'all ever wanna come back and visit....you can stay with us! :)

  3. This post put a big ole grin on my face! Sometimes I wish I was from the south and dream of being a country singer, butttt I am a true New England girl at heart. Hope you're having a great week, Krista :)


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