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Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally fall in my house

I love decorating for the different seasons and holidays.

Problem is I don't have a lot of decorations!  

I normally don't like to decorate for Halloween specifically.  I'm just not that into spooky stuff so I tend to stick with general fall decor and leave it up for October and November.  But L and E are typical boys and adore the ugly spooky skulls and spiders we see at the stores so I may have to start decorating with some of them too to make them happy.
L thinks my current decor is "boring"...ha!

Front door: Berry wreath and "twig" witches brooms
Happy "Jacks" on my front stoop
Fall jewel tones
Fun window clings
Harvest Hearth: complete with handpainted pumpkins from my little Picassos on the shelves
What about you?  
Do you do "spooky" or "boring" in your house?

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  1. :)

    If you want you can join the giveaway!

  2. I like your decorations. I don't decorate much but I wish I did. This year I put out red table cloth with some dollar store leaves and a couple pumpkins on my table. I think if you do "boring" vs spooky then it lasts longer than just past Halloween. :)

  3. I really only decorate for Christmas, and I go all out. I would love to be one of those people who decorates their house for every holiday and it looks amazing. Maybe one day...

    And I like your decorations. :) I would do "boring." Kayla doesn't like spooky, although Kyleigh does which is odd.

  4. IF I decorated, I would probably do "boring." Even though I like the "boring" version better lol. Halloween is not my favorite holiday; I don't really care for it to be honest. Maybe that will change when I'm married with kids...maybe.

  5. I am not in to the spooky side of Halloween so i have a bunch of pumpkins and orange and red around the house. I love your mantle! I wouldn't say boring at all! :)

  6. i have zero decorations. so you're doing better than me! ha! i love berry wreaths. so pretty!

  7. lol, I love the "boring" decorations, too, I guess. They're (yours!) are so cute! The Harvest Hearth is my favorite. I can't WAIT to decorate for the seasons again. All of our stuff has been in storage. Pinterest has definitely made me want to do so much more, too! :)

    Hope you're having a good week! Thanks for stopping by yesterday - I just made a rather large donation to Goodwill. ;)


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