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Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Favorites - Kids say the darndest things

Oh the joys to be found in the little ones. 
They are endless.
A few recent favorites from the mouths of my sweet babes...

While putting E to bed:
Me: Who is Jesus' mommy?
E: Mary
Me:Who's your mommy?
E: I don't know.
Me: I'm your mommy!
E: Your name is Babe.
(must've gotten that from his Dad)

During dinner:
Me: L, you need to eat your potatoes.
L: OK, I see your point.

While potty training E:
E: Daddy, I went pee on da potty!
Daddy: Yeah E!
E: It was nuffin' Dad. (it was nothing Dad)

During snack:
E: Can I share with you?
Me: Of course, thank you bubba.
E: OK, but the rest are mine.  The rest are mine!
(so much for sharing)

During prayers:
L: I'm thankful to God for making the people that made our toys.
('nuf said)

While playing in the backyard:
E: This is the plan, if we see any poop we need to stay back and not step in it.
(think he's heard that one a time or two?)

Out of nowhere:
E: I want to fly....but I don't have wings (said very sadly)
(One day you will my boy, one day!)

Relaying a message to me from Dad who was hard at work in the backyard.
L: Daddy needs some water and a beard.  (supposed to be a "beer")
(He he he)

What are some little funnies your dear ones have said? 

finding joy


  1. i'm glad you are recording these things, because i know you'll want to remember. bring daddy his beard! haha!!!

  2. So funny and cute, especially the plan while playing in the backyard!

  3. Kids are so funny, loved reading these!


  4. Haha! Oh my, that is so darling. I agree that it's great you're recording all the funny and cute things he says. I have a handful of cute/funny stories from my childhood and always love hearing them.

  5. I love kid posts! So much fun to read and laugh at. I don't get to write many any more since my kids are grown.

    Julie form Just Jules

  6. I am laughing out loud and have the biggest smile on my face!

  7. You had me smiling from the very beginning and grinning at the end!


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