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Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's it all about? A thank you.

I joined the blogging world close to a year ago...
and I still don't know what my blog is all about.  

My intentions started out for it to be a vehicle to spread the word about Behind the Moon BEADWORKS,  my designs, and progress in building a small business.  Then I decided to throw in a little personal stuff too.  Well at this point my business is sort of on hold (boo)...so it's mostly personal. 
But what direction to go?  
What is the "voice" of my blog?  
I really don't know.

I just write by how I feel.

Sometimes I am inspired.
Sometimes sarcastic.
Sometimes blissful.
Sometimes grumpy.
Sometimes thankful.

So I guess it is all about the many facets of me.  
Some good...some bad.

I know I'm not the most entertaining writer but somewhere in this mish-mosh collection of posts some of you have found a way to relate.  And that my dear friends is priceless to me.  Knowing that I'm not alone in this crazy life is such a comfort.  I mean who knew adulthood and parenthood would be so ....complex?
Your comments are so appreciated and always seem to be so encouraging.  They're like little rays of sunshine that peak through even on my cloudy days.

for reading and sharing in my life.
You all are the best!
 : )


  1. The blogging world is a wonderful place I've found! It's so nice to be able to relate to people about things you would otherwise not talk to strangers about. Just keep blogging and expressing yourself. There doesn't have to be a theme per-say. Plus, the more personal the more interesting I think. :)

  2. i know what you mean. i have had to really hone in on my whole purpose in blogging. it is still ever-changing.


  3. You're welcome! And thank you for reading my blog and becoming a genuine friend! I can't believe that you've been blogging a year. I don't think I've been reading your blog that long, maybe 6 months? But you do inspire me to be open and blog about the happy and hard times in my life

  4. My blog kinda has evolved too. Started out to share my hair flair but then went all personal and stuff. It's been a blessing to my family who doesn't live near us to keep up with all our shenanigans...that alone keeps me blogging. :)


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