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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We Encourage - Featured Follower - Amanda

I've been wanting to join in this link-up for a while now and today I'm finally doing it!

Jami at Call me Blessed came up with this wonderfully encouraging link-up to take a moment to encourage someone in your life or write about someone who encourages you.
Lord knows the world could use some more encouragement going around!

So today I would like to encourage one of my sweet followers...

Meet Amanda of 
Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures

She a young 20-something with a refreshingly upbeat outlook on life.  I hate to sound like an 'ol lady here but in these days of dispassionate mindsets, I find this very refreshing.

With a new career, loving family and awesome boyfriend, this girl is on to great things!

Check out Amanda's blog here.

One of the unique things you'll find is her "yearly lists" to accomplish...
currently her list of "24 before 24".  
And let me tell ya, this girl gets it done.  
She is extremely accomplished...and only in her early 20's!

I asked Amanda to let us know what her favorite post was and why.

Favorite post

Rock 'n' Roll Providence Half Marathon


"I think that this post meant the most to me because it was more than just sharing about a race, it was sharing a piece of me.
I felt extremely proud before, during, and after running this race because I did something on my own and for me. Two days before the race, my three friends who were supposed to run it (and the original reason I signed up) told me they weren't going to run. I had been in Las Vegas for only 36 hours those two days before the race and felt exhausted, angry, and very disappointed. Part of me didn't want to move forward with the race, and in the past, I probably wouldn't have done it because I don't like doing things on my own if I had planned to do them in a group. This was a big step for me, a step to becoming more mature. So instead of feeling angry, upset, and skipping the race, I chose to feel grateful for this opportunity to run and be a part of this crazy group of runners. It was very empowering to get out of bed on a rainy Sunday in August to run 13.1 miles for me and me alone. It's a reminder of why I run and am a runner. But this race wasn't just feeling grateful for being able to go out and run a race, it was also about M.
You see, M is amazing, supportive, loving, caring, on and on and on... Sometimes we forget that our special someone goes above and beyond for us. Sometimes we wish for more surprises or flowers or cards, but those things aren't what count. It's having the person you love (and who loves you) get up at 4:30AM on a Sunday to go stand in the rain for two hours just to see you cross the finish line. And to give you a hug while you cry because it was hard, and you're exhausted. And to know that in this post-race hour, silence is what you both need.
I ran more than 13.1 miles that day. I took a step in being more mature. I appreciated that I have an amazing boyfriend and person in my life. And I was thankful."

Amanda always takes time to appreciate the simple things in life.  
She is a great encouragement to her family 
and friends...and inspiring to me.

Thank you Amanda for always having an encouraging word for me 
and sharing of yourself in this big wide blog land!

Stop by and give her some love!


  1. Amanda rocks! Strong, beautiful, and ENCOURAGING!

  2. I love that post! She's right - Our special someones are often overlooked but they're the ones who are always standing by us! Even if there aren't fresh flowers on the table every day, I know I always have my honey to comfort me and support me.

    Great job to her on the marathon! I'll check out her blog soon!

  3. What an inspiring girl. Three cheers for Amanda!
    Love your positive outlook!

  4. Amanda is one of the sweetest people I know! She is great at encouraging everyone! Great post! You are absolutely right when you mentioned she is upbeat and refreshing!

  5. You are so sweet, Krista!! I will definitely be checking out her blog!

  6. Thank you again for posting this. It truly warmed my heart, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your friendship!


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