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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finally getting close - the hair that is

Cobalt tank: New York & Co
Earrings: Drops of Rain - b e h i n d  t h e  m o o n  BEADWORKS (available on Etsy)
Necklace: Custom - b e h i n d  t h e  m o o n  BEADWORKS (email me for details)
Bracelet: Custom - b e h i n d  t h e  m o o n  BEADWORKS (email me for details)

 Five months ago I did this post about trying to grow out my hair and achieve those loose luscious curls I so often admire on celebs and several of you other bloggers!  I got a "body wave" that was more like a full on
"finger in an electric socket" perm.  Not that I minded it much once it started to relax but it was still tighter than I wanted.  Well my hair is finally showing some length gained.  And I curled it with a curling iron despite that my perm is still going strong.  I was actually able to get something close to what I've been wanting for a long time...which made me really happy.  
Happy with my hair? 
It's like an impossibilty and yet...I kinda am.

We recently had a Indian Summer weekend so we decided to have one last cookout at our house.  This is the prettiest I have felt in a good while so I had my hubby document it for me.  
Gee, I don't look stiff do I?  
Not used to posing for a pic ;)

Are you ever happy with your hair?


  1. You look beautiful! I think your hair is so pretty, and I would know pretty because I work with a bunch of hair stylists. :) The color is really nice. I sadly am never happy with my hair. I cut it once to my chin and regret it because it's taken forever to grow back. I just look better with longer hair.

  2. so pretty! i think you look like a pro! totally a comfortable looking picture. your hair looks gorgeous. i need an un-body wave in my hair. ha!

  3. Oh my goodness, Krista! You look absolutely beautiful!!! And WOW - your hair looks AHHMAAAZING! I can't believe how long it's gotten in such a short time. I feel like mine has been the same length for a year! Anyway, you look gorgeous! Time for a hot date with the hubby! :)

  4. Gorgeous! And your hair is pretty gorgeous too. ;)

    Me happy with my hair? It's always in a ponytail. I think I'm only happy with it when I get it done professionally, which is twice a year.

  5. Are you going to start modeling?!? You -- and your jewelry look great! (Don't tell me I have to give credit to the photographer, either.)


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