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Friday, May 4, 2012

Amens and underwear...a great start to my day


I was talking to my bloggy friend Stephanie the other day and came up with a new term for myself.
"Emotionally Dynamic"
Like it? 
Ok. Most of you would probably just say moody but I think 
emotionally dynamic sounds so much cooler and exciting don't you think?
Anyway, in my usual fashion I've gone from sublimely happy to in a funk and back again 
all in the span of a few days. 
On to my funk....
I have two days a week where I go in to work a little later and usually spend that extra time in the morning watching my "Once Upon a Time" show from the previous week since me Hubsy and kids have already left for the day.  Well, this week I had already had the chance to watch it so I decided to address some laundry.  I still wanted to take advantage of being in control of the TV so I turned it on while I folded. 
Can I just say there is not much good on TV at 6:30am.
But in my browsing I found a Joyce Meyer show on.  I've watched her briefly before so 
decided to see what she had to say this time.  
Now I'm not one to watch evangelical TV shows, usually it is the preacher's delivery that turns me off but I've been watching a little more lately as I come across them.  Trying to look past the delivery and focus on the message, but I actually like Joyce Meyer.  
The topic for the day was uncluttering your life.  
Both figuratively and literally.

It was funny because I was sitting there folding underwear, socks, and such and started saying "Amen" 
and "So true" and shaking my head and laughing at myself 
I swear I was having some serious church up in there.
Joyce had some good words of advice though....

Put it away.
Throw it away.
Or give it away.

Hubsy and I have been trying to simplify our lives for several months now, with some successes but I still think overall we have just ended up replacing that which we got rid of, sigh.  I have certainly been feeling overwhelmed lately, and with good reason.  I know the end is in sight but I'm finding it hard to keep motivated.  Like I don't even want to clean my house these days because I know it will be trashed again in 5 minutes.  Regardless Joyce's words have spurred me on and I have resolved to clean up my house ASAP.  I know my mental state will thank me for it.  

I also came to the realization that I am spending WAY TOO MUCH time on my phone.  That ridiculous compulsion to check emails, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest...it's got me well and secure in its claws.  I mean every red light I come to I am whipping that baby out to see what's new.  Or when I'm out and about, and think "ooh that would make a good Instagram pic".  Don't even get me started on Pinterest, you KNOW there is a never ending stream of new stuff to check out on there.  It's cluttering up my brain.  Robbing me of my ability to concentrate on more important matters.  
Like being present.  Fully in the moment.
So I have vowed to cut back on the ridiculous phone checking as well.
I. need. clarity.
And how can I ever get it if I have all this extra "stuff" cluttering me up?
How about you?
What clutters up your life?


  1. I am in the EXACT same place you are in right now. The clutter is driving me mad. This weekend RJ and I have the entire weekend off from sport activities, so we are going to organize the garage first so we'll have a place to put everything we are ready to give away or throw away. Then we're moving to the house. I want the bare minimum of items in our house. If I haven't used it in the last year, it is gone! No more hoarding for a "what if". I'm not even going to save anything for a yardsale because that yardsale will likely never happen and I want everything gone.

    I am so excited. lol I've never been this excited to clean before, I can feel the stress lifting as I type this. I can't wait. lol

  2. You're so funny, "emotionally dynamic" that made my day. I feel like I'm in a bit of a depressed mood today. A funk as well. I don't physically need to de-cluttered but I need to clear up my mind and life. Just before I read your post I was making a list of things I need to change. Like spending less time on the computer, eating better, walking more and all around enjoying the simpler things in life. I am by no means a materialistic person but I get wrapped up in stupid things that aren't nearly as important as spending time with my family and sometimes I sweat the small stuff in life.


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