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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Like weeds

My boys are growing like weeds.

It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day.  
Me Hubsy and I are always talking about those days where all the sudden one 
of them seems to have aged a year all the sudden.  
You start to realize a little more roundness is gone from their face.  
They've mastered a new skill.
They all the sudden do something you've been begging them to do forever, 
but this time they do it without you even asking.

Gone are the Backyardigans, Little Einsteins, and Diego....
they've moved on to alien fighting teenagers and superheroes.  Sigh.  
I will miss those Backyardigans for sure.  Such good music ;)

But that's all part of the plan right?  
This moving on.  
To the next stage of life.

Why can't it go a little slower?  
Why can't I have more hours in the day to soak up their littleness?
My heart breaks at how much they've grown up and yet I am immensely proud of them.  
The little men they are becoming.

I'm so blessed to be their mother.  
I could not have asked for two cooler kids to raise.
They were handpicked for me and Hubsy ;)

But with this new stage comes a lot of fun.  
We get to be goofy with them and shout out songs at the top of our lungs in the car.
We can even go sans nap on occasion.

It's a good time to be their mom.
A good time to share with them and teach them the next steps in becoming themselves.
They are such special little men.

And they have my heart forever.


  1. Our children do grow like weeds, so quickly and so fast! Aren't the different stages challenging, yet fun and interesting all at the same time!? I guess each stage has it's gifts;)

  2. we are still in the days of Diego... so not ready to move on yet. thanks for reminding me to savor the moments of smallness. : )

  3. my little man loves backyardigans. in fact, as i type this he just asked to watch the "yarkskins." i will miss those songs, too! we were just noticing how ours must be growing because their faces have thinned a bit. sigh. what a great post!

  4. It goes entirely too fast. Enjoy this stage, it is one of the bests!! :)

  5. I love the terms you use for their phases and stages. I know they must be growing so fast (like weeds), but hopefully you're able to savor these moments with them! :)

  6. Love these little glimpses into your heart. Quite beautiful. Happy summer, my friend.

  7. Such a sweet post! The kiddos grow up so fast, but each stage is more fun than the last!

  8. So sweet! It's crazy how fast kids grow. What sweet memories you all are making :]


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