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Thursday, May 17, 2012

May Photo-a-day Part 1

Can you believe it's May already? 
Not to mention it's halfway over!

{1} Peace - My happy meadow

{2} Skyline

{3} Something you wore today - My Calming Waters necklace and silver bangles

{4} Fun - Another vendor sale with my Mom by my side :)

{5} Bird - My son's angry birds on his bed

{6} You

{7} Something that inspires you - all these beautiful beads....oh the possibilities :)

{8} A smell you adore - The smell of my Hubsy

{9} Something you do everyday - Try to find two matching shoes in this mess of a closet

{10} A favorite word - Hangs by our entry

{11} Kitchen

{12} Something that makes you happy - re-reading cards I've gotten over the years

{13} Mum - My mama...how do you ever express JUST HOW MUCH you love them?

{14} Grass - Our Elijah Blue ornamental grass

{15} Love - Can you tell which is me and which is Hubsy? 
He's a man of few words hehe...but they still mean a lot.

Happy Thursday my friends!


  1. M can be a man of few words too, so I totally understand that. Glad that you shared all of these pictures! I definitely missed some along the way :)

  2. love all these shots. is it bad that i quit may photo a day like on the 10th?? ha! oh well, i'll enjoy yours instead!

  3. I am SOOO behind on this!! Ugh I really wanted to do it for 1 year! That skyline is just gorgeous, I feel God's presence just looking at it. Love your bead collection (want!) and your kitchen...drool. I want white cabinets!

  4. I re-read old cards too, aren't they comforting?! What lovely photos Krista and a fun post:)
    Are you on IG?


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