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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Photo-a-day partII

Dontch'a just hate when a program you've been using suddenly changes everything on you?

Well until I get the new way figured out, you'll have to suffer through a long row of photos.....
at least I broke the month up in two parts for you ;)  

{16} Flower - magnolia from my yard

{17} Something you don't like - Olives, the only reason they have infiltrated my fridge is 
because Hubsy eats them.

{18} Hair - love the way the color looks in this pic, wish it REALLY looked like that.

{19} Orange - sunrise

{20} Something you drew - a page from my sketchbook

{21} Bottle - Drinking while driving in the woods, now that's redneck :)

{22} Last thing you bought - some supplies for some custom work.

{23} Vegetable - Asparagus for dinner

{24} Something your grateful for - Starting my day listening to K-Love, 
definitely makes a difference!

{25} Looking down - the slide in our backyard.

{26} Black and white - the woods at my Dad's

{27} Somewhere you went - Dunderave Castle in Scotland (our ancestral castle)
This is a painting my mother had done for us *love*

{28} 1pm - In church, for a 1st Communion

{29} Circle - '07 college line mug from Target.  Still using it :)

 {30} Something that makes you sad - unpainted toes in sandals,
poor things are just screaming for some happy color to make them pretty.

Here's May's prompts....
I love seeing what you other ladies come up with!
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  1. Love the hair. It is so pretty!!

  2. you have a magnolia tree!?!?! I haven't wanted one for YEARS and pretty much melt when I see them in bloom. I am hoping we can plant a baby one and watch it grow in our home! Love the custom beads and love KLove!!!!!

  3. Amazing photos, even with a simple little instagram camera :) I love the orange one and your hair looks fantastic!


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