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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Chair - Friday Favorite Things

Yep, I think I'm THE LAST person on the instagram bandwagon but I'm hooked ;)

If you don't have an overstuffed chair, may I suggest you run right out and get one?  It doesn't need to be snazzy.  This one is about 8 years old now and in shabby appearance but it has held so many wonderful moments.  It's just big enough to fit two people if you really want and small enough that the only way you're getting two people on it is to snuggle ;)  It kinda forces the snuggle....I like that.

I have wonderful memories in this chair.  My first Mother's Day was spent laying across the arms with a sleeping baby on my chest.  Sheer bliss.  I can't tell you how many mornings I have brought a sleepy little one fresh from bed down to snuggle on my lap in this chair.  All tucked up in my arms, smelling of sleep, and skin flushed from just waking.  Such blessed moments that will be gone all too quick.  I am hanging on to them for as long as I can.

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  1. Oversized chairs are the best :) Mine is a well-worn brown rocker recliner that I absolutely hear! Happy weekend, my Friend!

  2. Heavenly! There's a chair at my parent's house like that, which I refuse to let them giveaway for the sole reason that so many memories were in that chair... Happy Friday, Krista!

  3. That chair looks super comfy. ;)

    We just added a loveseat to our house. And although it's bigger than a chair, my husband is always laying on it. So, to sit with him you have to snuggle. And my middle daughter, Kyleigh, and him can always be found doing so. :)

  4. your chair looks cushy and wonderful and dreamy. definitely a fave! happy weekend.

  5. It looks SUPER comfy...

    AND I only got into instagram like last week.


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