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Monday, March 12, 2012

Miscellany Monday - A random photo journey

Linking up with Carissa for a quick and dirty Miscellany Monday via recent pics...

Out on the town exploring our city

 Working hard to get in shape

My poor boy always seems to be running around with only one sock on.  Not that he cares.

Good morning sunshine!

Putting on the Ritz at the fundraising Gala for my son's school.
Spring is in the air with peep toe shoes!

Loving the fact that boys will be boys :)

Happy Monday!!


  1. That last photo makes me so happy! I don't know why though. And I couldn't be more excited about how warm it has been... spring time means my birthday time which means summer time :) Happy Monday, Krista! Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Yay for spring and peep toes! And that bouncy contraption looks like fun!

  3. that first photo is amazing, isn't it crazy what iPhones can do!

  4. Great pictures! :)

    And I agree with Amanda -- I LOVE that last picture for some reason... Perhaps it's because of the little boy that I love so much. ;)

    Here's to more peep-toe shoe weather!!!

  5. My son walks around with one sock on too. Has since he was little and now he is twelve. It must be a boy thing because I don't get it. It's in the 70's here, time to paint the toes and wear sandals!


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