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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The contorted filbert tree...

it graces our backyard, right off of our deck, and it is where I found God this week.  
This tree is all twisted and gnarly and well.... truthfully a bit weird.  
It's rather a lot like me.  
I am broken and twisted and half the time don't know which way I'm going.
But even I can see there is much beauty to be found in this crazy tree.  
So it struck me....  
God made this tree and if there is beauty in it's warped nature, then there is beauty in us too.  
He is in his heaven and we are his beloved children.  
A bit gnarly and contorted yes....but loved.   

What could be more wonderful that that?!

Beautifully Rooted


  1. I like that this is where you found God this week. It's unique to you and you get to treasure that moment :)

  2. :)

    LOVE that you compared yourself to this tree. I think it's a BEAUTIFUL tree, by the way.

    I always love reading what you write -- you have such a great way of looking at yourself and the world around you and then remembering what's important... So inspiring!

  3. That tree is beauitful! Just like you. :)

  4. oh girl! how lovely. it is awesome to see God's handiwork in the beauty around us.

  5. LOVE this. And needed the reminder that God's got his hand in and finds the beauty in all of us, no matter what. :)

  6. love it! and i love how God spoke to you through that tree. He's so good!


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