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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March - Photo a day project Part 1

1. Up (smoke rising)
2. Fruit (fruit decor in my entryway)
3. Your neighborhood (view from my bedroom)

4. Bedside (nothing fancy)
5. Smile (on my chalkboard in my kitchen)
6. 5pm (dinner time)

7. Something you wore (peep toes)
8. Window (rainy day)
9. Red (Wedding glasses used for our first toast)

10. Loud (not the piano itself but the entire fundraising event)
11. Someone you talked to today (my sweet pooch, she's a good listener)
12. Fork (the good set that I never use)

13. Sign (I pass this place everyday)
14. Clouds (just beautiful)
15. Car (Our Jeep, affectionately named Black Jack)

I'm finally participating in this project and I just love it, 
it so much fun to hunt for things to capture each day!

Are you participating?  

Follow me on Instagram at krista2021 :)


  1. Hey friend! Love the pictures! Can't decide which is my favorite - I really like the view from your bedroom and the rain - but then, I really like them all. I think I'd like a project like that.
    Also loved your comments on my garden post - love reading the same stuff and knowing we're reading the same stuff ;) Unfortunately, I think my gardening may have also taught me that too much of a good thing is too much - I have been so very sick for the last 13 days (finally better) - first case ever of bronchitis - maybe from the spring weeds??? Never had a problem before in my life, but who knows? Never had bronchitis either. That's tuff stuff.
    One more thing - I want a chalkboard in my kitchen...been eyeing this one spot for so long wondering what it would look like. Is your chalkboard big? You got to show a picture - I need inspiration!!!!
    Ok - Happy Spring - it is the first day, isn't it? Or was that yesterday? Anyway, Happy Spring! Have a beautifully blessed day!

  2. Love, love all the pictures that you're taking, Krista! I've been like a day behind on all of them this round, but it's still forcing me to take some pictures :)

  3. Love these pictures -- what a fun idea! You've got a great collection going on :) I love the picture of your sweet pooch! What a sweetie!

  4. LOVE your photos. Not sure if you took a lot of time to think about them, but they are all so original, beautiful and artistic! I just requested to follow you on instagram, I am @jenbucket. :) I am doing the photo a day as well, but not have to say I like your photos more than mine!

  5. i love this girl! i'm so into instagram these days! the first three shots are my faves. you captured everything so well.


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