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Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend recap - Miscellany Monday

I picked these beauties with my boys the other night.  There's just something about having fresh flowers in your home..and I happen to LOVE hyacinths.  I really should plant some more of them because this essentially constituted all the available blooms.  Their sweet smell has permeated every room in my house. 
It is an instant mood lifter :)

These babies are kicking my butt.  Me Hubsy bought me this cake pop maker for Christmas 'cause he knew how much I wanted to try them (he's sweet like that).  Well we had our birthday party for the boys over the weekend and I had the genius idea that I would make cake pop that look like planets.  Though this was the second time I made cake pops, they turned out much worse than the first.  Oh there's nothing wrong with the cake pop maker, it produces round cake ball like it should, but icing those suckers is tough!  And hard to get consistent.  After several hours of frustration and crappy sorry looking cake pops, I've about thrown in the towel.  I have one last trick up my sleeves but if that doesn't work out, I may just have to leave this one to the professionals.

My boys all the sudden LOVE the BabyFirst channel....wha?  They're now 3 and 6, are we regressing?  I mean this is painful to watch if you don't have a baby.  I have no idea what the draw is.

As if blooming flowers weren't enough of a sign, painted tootsies definitely mean that spring is here.  We've had unusually beautiful weather in the last 2 weeks, like 70's & 80's, so I've been wearing some sandals but my feet just looked so NAKED without a little polish.  Well I finally had some time to rectify that.  I chose a obnoxiously bright shade of pink :)
If you have tween daughters, they're probably on the Jonas brothers bandwagon.  The Quaker granola bars we recently bought are sporting a nice pic of Nick Jonas on them.  L LOVES these, requests them even....but he says that Jason Aldean is on them.  "I know it's not really him mom, but he's cooler than this guy".  
Well my little man, I'd have to agree.

I've always said you can tell if an orange is going to be good by the way it peels.  Me Hubsy thinks I'm weird but I swear it's true.  If the peel comes off easy, you're golden.  This sad little thing was just destined to be disappointing.  The rind was difficult to get off and the segments broke when trying to separate.  Proof?  I think yes.  Either that or it was the Jalepano cilantro hummus I had just before that threw the taste off.

Lastly I made some "man beads" for my man last night. 
I love that he wears jewelry, does your man?

Hope you all had a nice weekend.


  1. I LOVE hyacinths too! I picked a bunch and have them all around the house. Along with daffodils that we seem to have hundreds of in the yard :) I also think it's funny that your little man thinks Jason Aldean is cooler than Nick Jonas. He's one smart cookie! Glad you had a good weekend :)

  2. Oh, those hyacinths are gorgeous! They add a beautiful touch of Spring to the home :)


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