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Friday, August 5, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

Some random things that have brought me joy this week...

Love notes
Since my husband is off during the summer, I don't see my kids before I head out the door in the mornings.  So I have started to leave my oldest some little love notes all around for him to find when he wakes up.  He loves them so much he doesn't want to throw any of them away, he posts them up on the fridge.  I have to get rid of most of them because we have no space but I let him leave some of them on there.  Makes me so happy that we this little connection even when we aren't together.

Backyard Bravery
L wanted to go outside to play the other night.  He said "Can we go outside Mother?  I just adore the evening air".  What 5 year old talks like this?  Cracks me up!  So I took them outside to play and L wanted to try swinging on the rope swing starting from the TOP of the playset.  He said "I'm kinda scared Mom, but I think it will be fun".  He gathered his courage and took the leap.  You have to know my L though, he will normally avoid it like the plague if it is even remotely scary and just refuse to try.  He's very happy in his comfort zone thank you very much.  So this little moment of bravery really made me proud of him.

Mac N' Cheese please
I came home from work to the wonderful aroma of homemade mac n'cheese being made by my mother-in-law (what a woman!).  While this is not exactly diet food, who can resist an awesome surprise meal that they did not have to cook?  I tried to stick to a small portion but man I enjoyed every bite!

Spooning with E
My little wiggle worm actually asked me to snuggle him and promptly assumed the spooning position.  Melted my mama heart!  He's rarely still long enough to snuggle in any way.  Man I soaked it up!

I had a great visit with my lovely longtime friend Dana.  We've known each other since I was 11, lived across the street from one another actually but became good friends once we hit highschool and we were both on the rowing team.  We've been great friends ever since!  She is such a positive and uplifting person to be around, I just can't help but smile when I'm with her.  Unfortunately we don't get to see each other as much as we would like but when we do, it's like no time has passed at all.  She is a true treasure in my life.

A new purchase

We just love camping so much we decided to buy a pop-up camper.  Our recent trip to Pymatuning showed us that our boys are at the age where we can really start branching out and taking longer trips.
And they LOVE IT just as much as we do.
My awesome husband sacrificed his dirtbike to help fund the camper cause.  He said the bike was just for him but he was going to sell it and do something with the money that we could all enjoy.  And he made a huge profit - gotta love that!  So alas we are now the proud owners of this cute little pop-up.  Watch out campgrounds of America - here we come!

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  1. As a gal who grew up camping in a pop-up camper and absolutely LOVING it -- can I just tell you again how blessed you'll be? Some of my best memories are from the vacations that my parents took us on.

    And the love notes? Love them. And I love it even more that your husband wanted to keep all of them.

    Have a sweet friday friend. And I'm off to buy coffee ice cream with magic shell....:)


  2. I love the love notes. I've been thinking about putting a "mailbox" in Kayla's room so I can do the same for her.

    Confession: I've never, ever been camping. When all my girls are older, we'll have to go. I only wish we had a pop-up camper to go in. haha.

    Have a great weekend Krista! :)

  3. Its wonderful to have a great friend. LOVE that Camper!! and I totally want a bite of the mac-n-cheese!! lol
    Great List!!

  4. Hi Krista!

    The love notes - how CUTE! I love that your son puts them on the fridge. :) That's so adorable, and I bet it makes you feel pretty special, too. ;)

    That pop up camper looks like it will provide for some super fun weekends! How sweet of the hubby to make the sacrifice. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  5. camping brings back some of my favorite childhood memories. i just know you will enjoy those fun trips and your kiddos will never forget them! love notes?! how sweet! i'd have to be peeled up off the floor after melting. : )

  6. perfect list! the love notes are divine - such a good mommy! and i love how L talks - that is hilarious :) and that pop-up camper...oh instant childhood (favorite) memories! that is how i grew up - every summer - all summer - loved it. so glad you guys did that - and your hubby??? what a sweet and thoughtful guy! thanks for the address, will drop your package in the mail this week (with my return addy on it ;) ). Happy Weekend!

  7. mac n cheese is the best :) love this post! those love notes are so adorable.

  8. great post. free food has no calories

  9. I love the notes and the snuggling! My mom used to write me notes like that too. She even wrote me one on my first day of work last year (at the ripe age of 22). I still have it hanging up in my office, something to be treasured by notes from our moms :)


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