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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ready or not....

My precious first born....how are you starting kindergarten already?

Wasn't I just rocking you in my arms?

Weren't you just learning how to walk and run?

And now you're flying.

I feel like kindergarten is the beginning of a roller coaster unlike any I've ever been on before.  Speed is the number one attraction this ride boasts.  Soon I'll be packing you off to college or maybe into your own home.

OK so maybe I'm being a bit dramatic but that's what it feels like.  Of course I want him to grow up to be a  loving/responsible man but can't he stay little for a while longer?  
I know...despite my tears...he must grow. 

L will be attending all-day kindergarten, everyday...so it really feels like full-on school years have begun.  And he'll have homework and projects and gym class and Spanish.  

I'm not ready for this.

But he is. 

He's so excited about school and his teacher. 
As I was getting him dressed in his uniform this morning he asked me not to cry. 
Thankfully this made me laugh instead : )

Fly on my sweet boy. 
I cannot (and will not) hold you back.


  1. Beautiful post.

    This will be me next year, as my oldest will start kindergarten. Where does the time go? Sometimes I wish we could hit pause for a little while.

  2. Aww, I could feel a tear coming on as I read this. ;)

    Your little guy sounds SO amazing and SO sweet- just from the way you've described him and the things he hass said. You are doing a great job with him! I know he will make you proud! :)

  3. Such a great tribute to your kindergartener! I still remember kindergarten...such a great phase in life :) So proud of you being so strong, I cannot imagine what this must be like. Happy Wednesday, Krista!

  4. Um this is SAD! Oh my goodness. :(

  5. I can just picture him in his little uniform, marching off. And you with filmy eyes. And lots of sweet smiles from you both. Can't wait to hear more stories. They'll be precious.


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