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Friday, August 19, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

Oh this sniffer of mine...
lets me enjoy so many wonderful things. 
Some for the shear scent itself and some for what they make me think of.

finding joy

Some good smells from my week....

The smell of coffee in the morning - 
so warm and comforting.  I love anything flavored but I have to drink decaf so that makes it harder to find sometimes.

The smell of my husband laying next to me in bed -
simply having him there brings me more joy than I could ever express.

Birthday roses from L

Birthday roses from E

The smell of E after a bath - 
there's still a hint of baby smell that I just adore.  
It will be totally gone all too soon!

The smell of cleaner -
simply because it means something is clean.

The smell of the creek as we walked through the woods - 
earthy and a little fishy. 
Some might not think this a good smell but to me it means we are outside and that is indeed a good thing my friends :)

Yummy candle gifted to me by a lovely co-worker - 
I love having candles at the office...and at home.

Fresh tomatoes from my garden -
they smell simply divine and I even like the way they make my hands smell after picking them.  I think these babies are on the chopping block...a tomato mozzarella salad is in my future :)

How about you?  
What are some smells that you love?


  1. Oh I love all smells that come along with the Fall! Pumpkin (#1 fav!!!), apples, crisp fall day, ahh. Love it! Have a great weekend, friend!

  2. I love the smell of M. I love the smell of my blankie. I love the smell of fresh tomatoes too! I love the smell outside after the rain where everything just seems fresh. Such a great post today, Krista! I hope you had a wonderful birthday week and a very happy weekend!

  3. I love all of those smells too..my hubs, a candle, kids after a bath..love your post.

  4. mmmmm. .. coffee in the morning - the best thing EVER!

  5. I love all of those! and bread baking and pizza in the oven, brownies... lol yes, I love food smells! :) oh and Christmas trees... love that smell too!

  6. Lovely post, Krista . . . got me thinking about favorite smells and (as you might guess) food smells are right up there. The smell I still recall that made me want to learn to cook in the first place? Melting butter with garlic!

  7. Coffee is most certainly a FAVORITE. 100%. In fact, it's about time for me to add another Keurig to my maker. :)

    Love little ones after a bath as well. We always have them run around so that everyone can smell how good they smell.

    Have a wonderful week. And you're in my thoughts and prayers.



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